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    Welcome to the Healthy Detour

    After seeing the numerous success stories of people overcoming not only multiple sclerosis but countless other incurable conditions is why I’ve shifted my carrier aspirations towards helping others in a whole new way using principals of functional medicine, exercise, lifestyle and food to help repair the body from the inside out and outside in.



    Sometimes life can be so busy with all the hustle and bustle that we tend to neglect the most important person, who would that be? Ourselves of course! Plans for life just like our health never occur in a straight line and some may think that illness only occurs as we become senior citizens. One can’t plan for living life with a chronic illness let alone at a young age.

    My plans never included living life with multiple sclerosis. I could never in a million lifetimes have envisioned the challenges that lied ahead. Along with the numerous challenges were many blessings. I learned many lifestyle and dietary tools that would help get me back on the road to health and healing. It surely would have been much easier to travel a straight line in my health and life but the knowledge that I continue to acquire on my detour has been a blessing that I’m fortunate to share with others.

    "You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

    Marcus Aurelius

    My name is Dr. David Waldman and I'm here to help you.

    I founded “The Healthy Detour”, a virtual practice where I utilize a blend of all of my expertise in nutrition, exercise physiology, functional medicine & as a Wahls certified practitioner to help guide the patients back to optimal health. I realized first hand that one’s health can veer off course and a system is needed to help the body prioritize and maximize healing in order to thrive and prosper in life.

    I’ve custom designed specific products & programs that allow people to take control of their health, life, & business.

    Our programs offer do it yourself guides or our signature group coaching programs give you the tools that I only wished were at my disposal when my health took a downward spiral.

    If you feel like your health, life and your business are taking the wrong turn consider allowing me to guide you on a Healthy Detour to optimal health & a renewed purpose for life.


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